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Wedding Song

after Chagall’s Les Amoureux Dans Le Bouquet de Fleurs

He hid me in lilacs.  He wanted me a bride forever.

He said the crystals on my gown seemed stars had broken

and found a home there. They were only cut glass

but a man needs his dreams and his visions.


He kept painting me over and over.  I floated above our village

sideways and upside down, oh how he tried to keep me

from gravity. Sometimes I rode on a rooster       

so red, its feathers seemed dipped in sunsets.


Once I was swept up in the unblinking eye of a cloud

But I could still hear the clown play a purple clarinet

and the bells from the green roofed church

that we never would enter.


It went on like that for years, he was in love

with indigo, for him it held the sweet

stain of our marriage, and the sound of a blue violin.

He said he opened a window and I blew in.

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